Areas of Expertise

We've used a bunch of different technologies over the years. If you're looking for an expert in one of these, we're available for hire!


  • Ruby

    We've written more Ruby than is probably healthy, and we have commits landed in pretty much every major Ruby project.

  • TypeScript

    Projects include this very website!

  • Golang

    A microservice a day keeps the doctor very very busy.

  • Objective-C

    We've written a few iOS apps, some of which even had manual memory management. Also I once re-implemented the ObjC funtime. There was not much fun in that, and even less profit.


  • Rails

    Large Rails apps, such as the one that serves rails itself (aka

  • React

    You guessed it, this website is built with React too.


  • PostgreSQL

    Gotta store the data somewhere, right?

  • Bazel

    Once had commits in something like 8 consecutive releases. Still a maintainer of some core rulesets.

  • Docker

    I mean, who doesn't use Docker these days?

  • Kubernetes

    We've been using Kubernetes since before it was cool. Because it still isn't cool, it's just trendy.

  • GitHub Actions

    I like writing CI pipelines in YAML, said no one ever. (OK, maybe we did say that once or twice. But only because we had been writing Groovy for Jenkins before that.)